ICE MARATHON Clean Water Preservation Run

BIM Training to Run on Ice Course in 2018

09 / 04 / 2018

This carefully designed package program enables participants to acclimatize in unique conditions of Lake Baikal northern hemisphere. Get prepared to run in the BIM by means of acquiring good load of the Lake’s tremendous energy grid.With expertise in mind  we developed the BIM “Training to Run” package to allow people who are physically well fit for running, but lack practical or certified experience in long distance running.

Through training in the run, “stretching the legs” while skiing beautiful Sable’s Mountain downhill, relaxing in one-of-a-kind Ice Banya, then have sensational feelings while plunging into the water of Baikal, enjoying Siberian special cuisine and soft drinks from natural taiga-woods berries…Fully guided by best local expert in ice marathon running and professional English speaking guide.         Join international team on a special 5 Days  training and acclimatization course led by local extra class marathon runner and the first athlete who ran across Lake Baikal.

              Pound your way on the run across the frozen surface of the worlds’ deepest and oldest Lake Baikal!  More