ICE MARATHON Clean Water Preservation Run

Registration for XIII edition of Baikal Ice Marathon is over

Dear runners,

The registration for  the 13 edition of Baikal Ice Marathon “For preservation of clean water” is March,07,2017 was  stopped due to reaching the limit of 200 runners in 2017.  

We regret that many of the applicants were not accepted mostly due to the existing limits in total number of runners we can accept for the marathon run on the frozen surface of the Great Lake Baikal. We hope that in 2018 our logistical and technical support opportunities will enlarge , so we will be able to slightly increase the number of runners in the BIM.

Wait until the registration for the XIV edition of Baikal Ice Marathon is announced ( endof August 2017), to send yur applications. We urge every applicant before filling in the online application form to read attentively the content of the Statutes and Rules. Only once an applicant read and understood the Statutes and Rules of the XIII  BIM ,  having required long distance running experience, one   can qualify for the run in the BIM, then you are welcome to finish and send us your application.

 Very important to know that the BIM Organizing Committee will not accept or consider any applications which will not contain/indicate direct, easy to find web-links to the footraces protocols that can clearly show both name of the runner and his/her running result. The applications containing only the name of the event or only its general web-site, will not be accepted or replied. Please, when appropriately made , send your  online applications to the two e-mail addresses:   and

Hoping to see you on the ice course of the Great Baikal,

And with warm regards,

The BIM Organizing Committee