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Get Your Passport Ready And Hop Your Way To These Countries For These Marathons

March 15, 2019

Gone are those days when people just took vacations to chill, relax in their hotels. With the growing awareness about health, people have been opting for more fitness trips. The whole idea of fitness trips has actually gone to a whole new level and more intense where trekking, hiking and marathons are a part of it. If you live, sleep, dream and breathe marathons, then these marathons in the world are a must for you where the landscape and ticking a new place on your bucket list will be a driving force for you. Here's the list of some incredible marathons in the world happening in beautiful landscape.

Tromso Midnight Sun Marathon

If you love marathons and outdoors, then there is no other marathon that does it well like this. It happens at the height of Arctic summer, the marathon begins in the late evening and finishes at the midnight. While running don;t forget to catch the beautiful landscape that has snow clad mountains and experience the phenomena of midnight sun while keeping your eye at the end point of the race. The route also passes through Arctic Cathedral and the Polaria aquarium.

Where: Tromso, Norway

Baikal Ice Marathon

Challenge yourself a little bit more and take part in Baikal Ice Marathon that happens in Russia. This marathon is both physically and mentally challenging for the runners where they have to brave the cold and run in the utterly featureless landscape which offers them nothing to focus on. It is a long, cold and lonely trail in the middle of while barren land and your progress is marked by checkpoints that are located at 5 km interval.

Where: Lake Baikal, Russia

Grand Canyon Half Marathon

This happens in the beautiful Grand Canyon, the route takes you along the rim of the Grand Canyon to seven lookout points, then climb 2000 ft over the last 15 miles to the finish line.

Where: Grand Canyon, USA

Great Wall Marathon

One of the most challenging marathons in the world, Great Wall Marathon is a must for all your marathon lovers. Despite the arduous course on the iconic Great Wall of China, runners will be rewarded by its breathtaking surroundings and views. As the route leads participants through the lower valley and into the villages, onlookers will be cheering and the festive atmosphere is a real energy boost!

Where: Great Wall of China

The Patagonia Marathon

A treat for the eyes, The Patagonia Marathon is an amazing marathon to be a part of. The route trails within the Torres del Paine National Park of the Chilean Patagonia and rises to 2500 meters above sea level.

Where: Chile

Great Ocean Road Marathon

If this isn't on your bucket list then add it right away. Featuring 60kms ultra marathon, a 44 km course, 23km half marathon, 14 km and 6 km run and the kids 1.5 km gallop over a two-day event. So start prepping up now.

Where: Australia

Pattaya Marathon

Showcasing the best landmarks of this costal town, Pattaya Marathon begins at the Pattaya beachand runs alongside Jomtien beach, passing Pattaya walking street, Bali Hai Pier and Borommaratchachonnani bridge on the way.

Where: Pattaya, Thailand

Jungfrau Marathon

This is more of a mountain marathon which allows you a glimpse of the famous Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau mountains. You ascend 5960 feet high towards scheidegg to finish the race.

Where: Bernese Oberland area of the Swiss Alps

London Marathon

Maybe the most fun and tourist friendly marathon in the world, London Marathon is truly amazing. If you decide to take part in it, you will be spotting some major tourist locations of the city like River Thames, Tower of London, London Eye, Palace of Westminter and Parliament square before finishing it in front of Buckingham Palace. Moreover people dress up in all sorts of costumes for this event so be prepared to spot thor, darth vader, disney characters, animals, birds and more.

Where: London


Picture perfect in true sense, this marathon is perfect for all the travel enthusiasts. It starts from Germany, runs through Austria with a quick stop in Switzerland and finishes back in Austria.

Where: Multiple countries

New York City Marathon


A bucket list event for many, this marathon lives up to all the hype. Over the years the number of participants have only grown. The marathon route consists of some of the most beautiful and best landmarks and tourist spots.

Where: New York City