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Five cool races you didn’t know you wanted to try: by Ice Bug

10 months ago
Written by Icebug

Winter running, part 5: A running competition can be warm, sunny and wonderful. Or snowy, slippery and ice cold. Here are 5 of the coolest races in the world.

1. North Pole Marathon

What: The Northernmost Marathon on earth has been held 14 times. Here, you will face 42.195 meters surrounded by only two things: snow and ice. You must be ready to face –30°C, which makes this one of the toughest races in the world.

When: April 9th 2017

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2. Siberian Ice Half Marathon

What: Siberia is perhaps most known for two things: It’s huge, and it’s freezing cold. So, what could be better than a half marathon in the winter? Dress up and get ready!

When: January 7th 2017

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3. Baikal Ice Marathon

What: Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world – as well as one of the biggest. Here, you can run a marathon between the shores and three things are guaranteed:

  • You won’t be struggling with any hills,
  • You will remember the race for the rest of your life, and:
  • You will freeze your ass off.

When: March 07th 2017

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© Licensed to London News Pictures. 21/11/2014. Antarctic Ice Marathon takes place at Union Glacier base 650 miles away from the South Pole. The race was won by Marc deKeyser, Belgium in a time of 4.12.21 hours. There were 47 runners from all over the glob . Photo credit : Mike King/LNP

© Licensed to London News Pictures. Photo credit : Mike King/LNP

4. Antarctic Ice Marathon 100K

What: The North Pole has their own marathon – and of course the South Pole has one, as well. The classical 42K race is held in November, but an even bigger challenge is the 100K edition that is held in January.

When: January 21st 2017

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5. The Hypothermic Half Marathon

What: The Hypothermic Half Marathon is a race that takes place in a lot of snowy cities all over Canada. Last year, the participants in Winnipeg had to face some brutal weather – the temperature dropped to the insane level of -47°C!

When: February – March 2017

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Want something a little less extrem but super fun? Try WINTERRUN!

10K of running with fire, light shows and music in the middle of the winter.  This race will take place in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Oslo and Bergen!

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What ever race you want to try – HERE are the shoes you will need!



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