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Top 7 ultra marathons in Europe

1. Kazbegi Marathon (Georgia)

Kazbegi Marathon takes place in the Kazbegi district, around 25 km from the Russia-Georgia border, at the foot of a dormant vulcano – Kazbek (5047 m). It is believed that the legendary Prometheus was chained precisely to the rocks of this majestic mountain. What makes the place not only legendary but also sacred is the fact that the Holy Trinity Church (Tsminda Sameba in Georgian) of Gergeti is located also just at the bottom of Kazbek (at the altitude of 2170 m). Once running the marathon you will have  chance to see most of the attractions in the area. You can choose between 3 distances: 8 KM, 21 KM and 42 KM, as well as kids run and marathon relay race. In cooperation with organizer of the event we have prepared special offer for the Kazbegi Marathon 2017! Join us – our team took in 2016 places in the top 10 of each of the races!

Further details can be found at the event’s website or you can contact us directly.

Where: Kazbegi, Georgia
When: September 2017 (exact date will be announced soon)
Distance: 8 km, halfmarathon, marathon, marathon relay race, kids race
Elevation: +~100 m/ +~600 m/ +~800 m

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For the ones seeking new adventures, bored with street running, runners-travellers, we have prepared our subjective list of 7 best ultra marathons in Europe. 7SensesTravel not only participates in many ultra events but also introduces the ultraworld to the new comers – feel the power of motivation and join 7SensesTravel Team in the next competition!


2. Transgrancanaria (Gran Canaria)

Transgrancanaria has been held on the island of Gran Canaria since 2003. Participants of the race must cross the island on foot. What makes Transgrancanaria one of the toughests trail runnning events in Europe is elevation gain exceeding 8000 m on the 125 km distance. For those wiling to prove themselves on shorter routes, the organizer offers some 4 other distances ranging from 19 KM up to 83 KM. The event has been gaining on popularity throughout the last years reaching over 1400 participants, also thanks to runners’ friendly time limits. For more details please visit event’s website or contact us.

Where: Gran Canaria, Spain
When: 24-26.02.2017
Distance: 19 km, 32 km, 44 km, 83 km,125 km
Elevation: from +300 m for the distance of 17 km up above +8000 m for the distance of 125 km

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3. Bear Race in Transylvania (Romania)

If you are after a true running adventure this running event definitely guarantees one! The route straights through picturesque Saxon villages, virgin forest, a ruined castle, open pasture land, meadows and rural village pathways. It reaches its culmination point with ascent to the Sighisoara citadel (UNSECO protected heritage), the birth place of the infamous Vlad Dracul. Organizers warn against underestimating the route in both terms, its technical difficulty and local flora and fauna, especially wolves and bears! The event is listed on the UMTB qualifying races list. For more details please visit the event websiteor contact us.

Where: Transylvania, Romania
When: 03.06.2017 (unofficial date)
Distance: marathon, half-marathon and ultra 80 KM
Elevation: +950m / +1700m

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4. Baikal Ice Marathon (Russia)

Distance of the Baikal Ice Marathon maybe does not count to the ultra category, but the Siberian winter combined with difficulties of the icy route crossing frozen Baikal Lake make this race one of the toughest marathons in the world. The surface of the frozen Lake Baikal is covered in fields of ‘hummocks’, small hills of ice rubble. Beneath the ice surface, geothermic springs and seismic activity cause localized melting that weakens the ice to form holes and cracks. The Marathon is a part of a larger winter games festival, the “Winteriada”, which includes  also “Baikal Kamchatka”  Ice Fishing and Baikal Ice Golf Tournaments, Ice Skating Races and a few other outdoor adventure  events.

More info at the event’s website or by us.

Where: Irkutsk Region, Siberia, Russia
When: 07.03.2017
Distance: marathon, halfmarathon, 15 km
Elevation: +0 m, the most flat race in the world

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5. Altai Ultra-Trail (Russia)

The newest race on the map of running events in Russia but worth of taking a better look on it due to the difficulties it offers. Altai Ultra Trail is the first mountain trail ultramarathon in Siberia, and the most wild of all the trails in Russia – with closeness of the Kazakhstan-Russia-Mongolia borders and the nearest town 450 km away from the starting point. The route streches through the Akkem river valley up to the bottom of Mt. Belukha (4506 M) – sacred mountain of Altai people and the highest peak of Siberia. You can choose between several distances, with 100 (105) km being the most difficult one.

More info can be found on the event’s website or by us.

Where: Tiungur, Siberia, Russia
When: 15-17.07.2016
Distance: 28 km, 50 km, 100 km
Elevation: +1300 / +>2000 / +4000 m

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6. Lemkovina (Poland)

So far the best trail running event in Poland. Low limits of participants let keep the event at the niche level. Organizer offers 5 differents distances starting from 30 km, with over 150 km set for the longest run. The routes strech through the picturesque main range of Beskidy Mountains in its most secluded and wild part.

More info at the event’s website or by us.

Where: Krosno, Beskid Niski, Poland
When: 21-23.10.2016
Distance: ~150 km, 80 km, 70 km, 48 km, 30 km.
Elevation: +5860 m/ +3350 m/+2520 m/ +1400 m/+740 m

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7. Marathon Mont Blanc (France)

The cult running event run every year in Chamonix at the foot of Mont Blanc (4809 M) at the Italy-France borders. Part of the routes streches through the alpine botanical gardens of Aiguilles Rouges National Park. The longest distance – 150 km is counted to the most toughest trail runs in Europe due to massive elevation of over 6000 metres! With all technical difficulties taken into consideraion as well – this trail ultra marathon is definitely not for everyone, but still going through the most beautiful trails in Europe.

More info at the event’s website or by us.

Where: Chamonix, France
When: 22-25.06.2017
Distance: 10 km, 23 km, 42 km, 80 km
Elevation: NA/+1485 m /+2407 m+6000 m

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