ICE MARATHON Clean Water Preservation Run


OPEN! Registration for Baikal Ice Marathon in 2018
25 / 08 / 2017

OPEN! Registration for XIV Baikal Ice Marathon “For preservation of clean water” begins today. Please, read very attentively the Rules & Terms of the XIV BIM before submitting your on-line application. Very important to know that the BIM Organizing Committee will consider only the applications which contain/indicate direct, easy to find web-links to the footraces with protocols that can clearly show both name of the runner and his/her running result.

BIM packages aimed to reduce jet lag,explore sites
25 / 08 / 2017

Choose from packages below designed for those runners who come to Baikal Ice Marathon travelling a long trans-meridian distance, and prefer to get over jet lag adjusting their body clock well to new time zone of the northern hemisphere ( especially those coming from west) . We noticed that possibility to recover Chrono-biologically after a trans-meridian jet travel provides more opportunities for runners in the BIM to perform well during the run and avoid suffering from piercing Lake Baikal winds

BIM Training to Run on Ice Course in 2018
01 / 08 / 2017

With expertise in mind we developed Training to Run on Ice specialBIM package to allow people who are physically well fit for running, but lack practical or certified experience in long distance running. This carefully designed package program enables participants to acclimatize in unique conditions of Lake Baikal northern hemisphere. Get prepared to run in the BIM by means of acquiring good load of the Lake’s tremendous energy grid.