ICE MARATHON Clean Water Preservation Run


Historical XIV Baikal Ice Marathon "For  preservation of clean waters” ended up..

Photo by Andrey Tanichev

Dear athletes XIV Edition of the Baikal Ice Marathon!

Thank you for being with us on March 7, 2018,on the ice course of the great Lake Baikal , which once again turned out to be different from previous editions,  there was something special, not experienced both by previous athletes of BIM and Organizers as well..

This year, for the first time in history of BIM on the day of its holding,  in the area of its ice run course, the so-called “north-eastern “verkhovik” wind   unleashed and settled in .

Formed in the valley  of the upper Angara River, in the very north of Lake Baikal, the “verkhovik”-wind rushed out onto the ice surface of Lake Baikal. On its way having absorbed famous Barguzin wind of the same name river valley, the verhovick then started blowing strong northeastwards. Finally, after a speedy few hundred kilometers of unobstructed travel along the lake ice cover, the wind would burst into the southern quarters of Lake Baikal strongly chilling  the BIM ice course through.

Weather forecasts of the severe storm possibility were mistaken: the windstorm arrived a couple of days earlier than it had been expected. As though launching a challenge against BIM runners and their supporters alike.

It was one-of-a-kind Baikal windstorm, and if it were not for the solid ice of the frozen Lake Baikal, steep waves up to 5 meters high would demolish everything on their way. At some sites of the BIM ice course , the “verhovik” gained the power of  winter hurricane.

 In less than an hour after the start of the BIM, two athletes were already frostbitten. One runner from China, after having been provided with first medical aid on the ice course, had later to be taken to the city hospital.

When the afternoon gusts of the wind started reaching the  speed of  25 meters per  second , the only proper decision  had to be taken: to stop the race and evacuate all people off the ice course. For the first time in 14-year history of the Baikal Ice Marathon.

The evacuation, given current weather terms, proved to be very time consuming action, hard to coordinate: hovercrafts drove slowly, due to their side skegs they were blown off the course, the vehicles would break down... . And, importantly, in these weather conditions, the drifting snow   tucked fresh cracks in the ice (that could just open up) , and it was easy for anyone or anything to fall into these cracks unveiling the Baikal abyss…

The BIM Organizers were responsible for safety of runners and BIM support teams  alike, not disregarding the need in the last turn, but  timely,  evacuate guys from the Seredina ( “middle”) tent station; as well as   tackle fast another, and just emerged, issue of bobcat vehicle with driver that stuck in the blizzard far off from the shoreline ( for the first time, and against our rules we decided to use snow cleaning vehicle on the day of BIM holding, attempting to make it easier for runners reach the finish line), etc.. We had to immediately plan and arrange new logistics of the BIM…

And after all, we are happy that no one suffered any serious injuries.

 42 km winner and award issue: Man supposes, Baikal disposes….   

Hypothetically, one can attempt to determine the winner at full marathon distance according to a very simple formula "leader ahead of the rest in the run at the time of force-majeure race termination «or in similar way. However, in very special Lake Baikal circumstances no any standard formulas or standards (like race termination in mountain bike competition due to heavy rain) can be applied.  No any results of the leaders after the 21 km mark could be  drawn, there were no any judges, as witnesses, until very finish line ashore after the half marathon…Last, and not the least, heavy rain is not a blizzard amidst non-inhabited ice surface…

Therefore, the Protocol of the 14th BIM does not indicate winners of full marathon distance, and only 21 km winners are indicated ( see below).  


1. Athletes of the XIV-th issue BLM seeking participation certificates in this edition of BIM, please let us know, we will prepare and send them via e-mail in the “pdf” format.

2. Some photos  of the XIV  edition of BIM are here.

3. We will appreciate if you could kindly share with us your impressions of the XIV edition

Thank you ALL for your patience,  understanding of the special and historical edition of  XIV edition of BIM!

Spceial thanks to partner companies and vendors, guide and captains, support team members, hotels and all involved into the extreme holding  of Baikal Ice Marathon held on March 07,2018!

XIV Baikal Ice Marathon Protocol  in "pdf" format here

Photo by Andrey Tanichev



Results of XIII edition of  Baikal Ice Marathon "For preservaiton of clean water" on March,07,2017


Photos of Baikal Ice Marathon 2017 by Oleg Berezhnikh 

Photos of Baikal Ice Marathon 2017 by Anton Grigorov

Photos of Baikal Ice Marathon 2017 by Andrey Ivanov


The XIIth edition of Baikal Ice Marathon "Clean Water Preservation Run" was  held on March, 06, 2016. 192 runners from 26 countries took part in the toughest race we ever had, part of the runners of the XII BIM had to stop the race under force majeure circumstances. The Winner is Piotr Hercog from Poland, who finished the marathon course with the time of 3 hours 55 min. 51 sec. The second and the third places were taken by Łukasz Zdanowski from Poland - 4:07:20, and Sergey Khazov from Krasnoyarsk, Russia - 4:15:55. The Winner among ladies is Darya Manziy from Irkutsk, Russia, who finished the full course with the time of 5 hours 00 min. 48 sec. The second and the third places were taken by Li Fengchun from China - 6:04:29, and Gabriele Mayr from Germany - 6:21:35.


 The Results of XII Baikal Ice Marathon

The XIth edition of Baikal Ice Marathon "Clean Water Preservation Run" was successfully held on March, 01, 2015. 167 runners from 23 countries took part in the toughest race we ever had. The Winner is Sergei Kalashnikov from Irkutsk, Russia, who finished the marathon course with the time of 3 hours 28 min. 40 sec. The second and the third places were taken by Aleksandr Ptzarev  from Abakan, Russia - 3:29:59, and Mohamed Menacer from France - 3:46:52. The Winner among ladies is Sofia Garcia Bardoll from Spain, who finished the full course with the time of 4 hours 24 min. 10 sec. The second and the third places were taken by Galina Baikova from St. Petersburg, Russia - 4:30:07, and Vlada Tarasova from Tver, Russia - 4:49:46.

The half marathon winner among men of XI Baikal Ice Mararhon "Clean Water Preservation Run" is Benedict James Taylor (UK) - 1:53:55, 2nd place - Yuri Rupyshev (Ulan-Ude, Russia) - 2:02:00, the 3rd place - Steffen Krannich (Germany) - 2:08:53.

The half marathon winner among ladies is Georgina Merriam (UK) - 2:11:33, 2nd place - Dariya Manzyi (Irkutsk, Russia) - 2:17:34, 3rd place - Eva Frances Hunyani Jacques (Ireland, UK) - 2:19:50.

The results of XI Baikal ICe Marathon "Clean Water Preservation Run".

We all thank you for your participation in Baikal Ice Marathon race.