ICE MARATHON Clean Water Preservation Run

Baikal Ice Marathon Training to Run Package

    Baikal Ice Marathon  “ Training to Run “

      Special    6 days/5 night’s package to qualify for Baikal ice Marathon

          We developed the BIM “Training to Run” package with expertise in mind to allow people who are physically well fit for running, but lack practical or certified experience in long distance running. This carefully designed package program enables participants to acclimatize in unique conditions of Lake Baikal northern hemisphere. Get prepared to run in the BIM by means of acquiring good load of the Lake’s tremendous energy grid. Through training in the run, “stretching the legs” while skiing beautiful Sable’s Mountain downhill, relaxing in one-of-a-kind Ice Banya, then have sensational feelings while plunging into the water of Baikal, enjoying Siberian special cuisine and soft drinks from natural taiga-woods berries…

Fully guided by best local expert in ice marathon running and professional English speaking guide.                                

              Pound your way on the run across the frozen surface of the worlds’ deepest and oldest Lake Baikal!

 Be introduced to your Baikal Ice Marathon trainer:

   Mr. Arkadiy Kalikman – the 1-st athlete who ran across Lake Baikal 40 years ago–  from  one shore to another a distance of 42 km. Participant of all BIM editions, 3 times  winner  of the BIM, ran over a 100 marathons and ultra-marathons all over the world.  Merited  Traveler of Russian Federation and white-water rafts man, Active Outdoors,  Sports &  Eco-Tourism author, Executive Director of the Lake Baikal Guides’  Association, holding  doctoral degree in physics and math Mr. Kalikhman published a  number of scientific  works on Lake Baikal, led several research expeditions in Siberia,  Canada and USA. In 1994 took part in ultra-kayak marathon on Lake Michigan from Chicago to New York, and more….Specially for the BIM Training to Run   Arcadiy Kalikhman developed  well balanced and unqiue lectures and exercises that proved to be efficient tool for running across Lake Baikal in the BIM! 

Below see the photo of 5-countires team ( Russia, UK, Mexico, Australia, Japan) that achieved very good success after undergoing the BIM course led by Arcadiy Kalikhman, last March. Among them was a young girl  from Russian city of Kazan – Diana Ramazanova - who  instead of 15 km made the 21 km!! – and was one of the first female half marathoners ( though she   never ran before more than 5 km distance)!!



March, 03, 2017 – FRIDAY

After arrival at Irkutsk airport transfer to the BIM training lodge at Utulik settlement (located near Baikalsk, 145 km away from Irkutsk). Lunch of Buryat National cuisine at the Golden Yurt cafeteria in Sludyanka. Upon arrival in Utulik check in at the lodge rooms equipped with modern amenities (private shower and toilet). Meet with your trainer for a briefing and introduction. Present reference from your physician stating you are in good physical health, and running in cold temperatures for over 3 hours non-stop will not do harm to your health (the physician reference must also have your normal blood pressure indicated). Then undergo through a simple medical checkup that involves only blood pressure measuring (questions may be asked about one’s personal health condition). Dinner of local eco-specialties at the lodge followed by the lecture and video presentation on Lake Baikal unique natural features. 

March,04 ,2017 –SATURDAY

  A fter breakfast – listen to the lecture of your  experienced  long distance runner on major  running techniques in cold  and extreme weather  conditions. Then join the first test  running session  amidst the taiga-woods trails led by your  trainer (7  km – no cutoff time). After blood pressure  measuring have lunch. After lunch - transfer to a  very  popular Sable Mountain Alpine Ski center to  undergo  through another session of  Acclimatization course on the slopes of beautiful  Sable’s Mountain of the Khamar Daban Mountain  range (your tour includes downhill ski or  Snowboard package – please, advise us in  advance of your shoe and ski poles sizes). After the downhill acclimatization session and plenty of downhill skiing return back to your lodge for dinner. After dinner –presentation of the video and running techniques on the ice of Lake Baikal .

March,05, 2017 –SUNDAY

        After breakfast, receive another lecture on the ice running techniques. Then join in the 2-nd running session – now run 8 km on the ice of Lake Baikal (with no cutoff time indicated). After blood pressure measuring have lunch. After lunch have one hour at your leisure. Then run another distance of 9 km on the Baikal ice (cutoff time will be indicated, blood pressure to be measured after the run).  In the evening after dinner – listen to your trainer speak about preliminary results and his recommendations. Overnight at the training lodge.

March, 06,2017 - MONDAY

   After breakfast transfer to the Sable Mountain Alpine Ski  center for 2-hour active relaxation downhill skiing or  snowboarding the Mount Sable’s slopes. After final  downhill acclimatization and leisure session, drive to the  world’s unique steam bath - the  BAN’KA - Ice Banya  Steam Bath located on the very bank of the frozen lake  Baikal where the river of Babkha flows into It. The  Ice  Banya is a part of the “Ice and Flame” project carried on  by a group of young people of the city of Baikalsk (to  construct the ice banya lodge they use over 150 metric  tons of ice cubes from Baikal. The ice banya has a  steam/heat chamber,  which can be heated in winter up to  120 ° Centigrade, relax and passage section and a pool-  hole in the ice of Lake Baikal). Here you will have a    steam-bath procedure with warming up inside the banya  and cooling down in the Baikal ice pool, have herbal tea, and certainly, blood pressure measurement afterwards. Upon return back to your lodge have lunch. After lunch – meet for the pre-start registration in the Baikal Ice Marathon, XI-th edition, start numbers distribution and final briefing at which you will know what distance you can wualify to run in the XII-th edition of Baikal Ice Marathon "For preservation of clean water". We are sure that once you are moderately fit and had at least 5-7 km running experience before coming to Lake Baikal, you will be able to run in BIM the next day. You have had by now enough expertise and energetic load  that will enable you  even to compete with experienced  half marathoners, at least,  whom you meet today also at the brefing.

After dinner - meet again your trainer to receive his last instgruction for the next day great run on the Great Baikal! 

Also, your other bylingual guide will by this time record for you special tunes/music that will accompany you the next day and encourage for a challenge!

   March 07, 2017 –TUESDAY-   XIII-th edition of Baikal Ice Marathon “For preservation of clean water”

  07:00 – move your entire luggage to the    hotel lobby for its further transfer to Listvyanka (western shore).

 After breakfast transfer to the start line of  the XI-th Baikal Ice Marathon “For  preservation of clean water” 10:30 a.m. –  start of the Baikal Ice Marathon, XI-th  edition.

 After the cut-off time is over, the XIII edition of BIM is closed.

 18:30 – Results Announcements and Award Ceremony followed by the Gala Party. Followed by overnight at the 3-star Hotel.

   March 08, 2017 – WEDNESDAY 

       Transfers from your hotel in Listvyanka to Irkutsk airport for your return flight home.           

                                                                    Have a Pleasant Flight!


The cost of the above 6-days package on all iclusive and twin room sharing with another runner is euro 1245 per runner ( accompanying person/non-runner sharing room with the runner - euro 782 p/p). Single room supplement - euro 260 p/p.